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In 2006, the active NROTC Alumni Association at UT Austin officially incorporated as a charitable non-profit corporation under Texas law after many years of informal activity as an association of UT NROTC Alumni. Originally organized in the early 1980's by a group of dedicated Alumni, its objectives are now and have always been to promote the interests of the NROTC program, and to support the activities of the NROTC Unit, its staff, the members of the Battalion, and the Alumni.


The very active Board of Directors meets quarterly to handle ongoing projects. One such meeting is the annual alumni reunion which usually occurs on a Saturday in the fall of each year on a football game weekend. That event, and other similar activities are advertised on these pages throughout the year. A detailed statement of the Alumni Foundation objectives can be found by clicking onAbout Us” in the Navigation Panel to your left. The current officers and Board of Directors of the Alumni Foundation also appear on these pages with links for email communication. They are all available to answer any questions you may have.


The Midshipmans Foundation was founded in the mid 1970’s and is also a charitable non-profit corporation under Texas law. Its primary purpose is the award of scholarships annually to members of the Battalion, to promote individual academic performance, and to encourage the development of leadership skills. A detailed statement of the Midshipmans Foundation objectives and a listing of its current officers and Board of Directors can be found by clicking on “Midshipmans Foundation” in the Navigation Panel.


This site is for the use and enjoyment of the Alumni, Battalion members, staff and friends of The University of Texas Naval ROTC unit. Please support our desire to keep this site as open and accessible as possible by not sharing its contents with anyone who does not have a "need to know" or who may try to exploit it for commercial purposes. Click on “Home” for all the latest news and links to additions and changes. If you came to this website from the Unit's website and would like to return, go to the Links page anytime or press the UT Naval ROTC button below.


If you have news to post or suggestions for this website, please email the Webmaster.


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