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A lot of work can go into planning a big anniversay for your class and we want to help. We have already amassed a huge amount of information about commissioning classes, even members who were in the program but didn't, for one reason on another, receive their commission. We have put together dates and other information which may be of use to you. Our History Page is full of excerpts from the Cactus and scanned copies of newsletters and Longhorn Logs. Maybe you can help us complete our collections. You are certainly welcomed to use whatever you can. Beyond what is posted, though, is a lot more information that has been gathered to supply the raw data for our Unit History Project. Just contact the webmaster for anything you need. If we have it, it's yours. And we hope this effort will be a two-way street, too. Please share with us, what you have assembled to help us update and maintain our records.


The recent release of the 2017 Longhorn Log, after a 12-year hiatus, has given us an idea about "filling in the gaps." The Longhorn Log wasn't started until 1963, when Battalion members at the time thought that Cactus pages were too expensive to purchase. Since 1990 the unit has not purchased any Cactus pages and publishing of the Longhorn Log has been sporatic since then. This has given rise to the idea of classes putting together their own Longhorn Logs for the missing years as part of their planning effort to put a special anniversary reunion together. It's not as difficult as you may think. We have templates for the Longhorn Log itself, which can be freely edited. We have lists of members and commissionees, dates and activities. You and your planning committee can assemble old photos and remembrances from classmates about the activities (e.g. formals, sports, drill meets, pistol matches, etc.). The finished Log will be electronic so there won't be any cost for publishing, unless your classmates just want to do that. Think about it.

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