2003 Reunion Photographs provided by Fred Moon '70

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Observe your board of directors hard at work prior to the 2003 board meeting. Left to right, that is Bob Brown, Max Miller, John Engstrom, Deb O'Neil facing Clay Fulcher, Dan O'Neil, John Hitchcock and Weldon Koenig.


More action occurred after Rusty arrived. That's Bob Gartner on the left and Weldon with their backs to us and John H., Max and K. J. Moore on the sofa.  Rusty Allman, Bob Brown and David Wells are at the table.

In this view, we can see Cdr. Ned Ash, the unit XO, up against the wall. New faces include BC at the end of the table and we can see Clay with the paper in his hands and Deb who is facing us now. That's Glen Looney in the striped shirt (trying to stay awake) and Jack Ritter behind the bar, which is entirely appropriate. Dan O'Neil and John Engstrom are the guys in the blue shirts. Engstrom is the one with hair.


It almost looks like Weldon and Cdr. Ash are conducting office hours here, but don't be fooled. These fine young folks are the recipients of our fall Midshipmans Foundation scholarships, Sgt. Ronald Briley, MDN 1/C Lisa Loschiavo, MDN 2/C Matthew Craig and MDN 3/C Alexander Tafreshi. Also pictured behind CDR Ash are our other Foundation directors, Max Miller and John Hitchcock, standing on either side of LT Justin Whitt, Surface Warfare instructor. 

Four of the distiguished graduates of the UT NROTC are pictured together here, LTGEN D'Wayne Gray '52, RADM Weldon Koenig '58, RADM Henry "Cub" Amos '56, and RADM Clay Fulcher '55. That Weldon will do anything to get his picture posted.

Bob Brown had some good news and an important message for us concerning the Midshipmans Foundation. Please send money so we don't have to hear that message again! Be sure and look over the brochure and newsletter on the Foundation page if you haven't seen them.


The festivities moved down to the loading dock. There are too many folks here to identify them all.

That fellow with the beard and blue shorts in the left foreground is Roger Kester '68, attending his first reunion.

That's Rhett Buck in the foreground, enjoying the barbecue, just two weeks after the Marine Intruder Reunion in Cherry Point, NC. Now how would we know that?

Several members of the class of '52 including Bob Brown, seen giving the thumbs up and Steve Albrecht.


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