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Max K. Miller '57  Rodney C. "Rod" Koenig '62

Chairman                President


Brief History

Always active and aggressive with their support for the midshipmen currently in the program, is the scholarship arm of the Alumni. The University of Texas Midshipmans Foundation is a Texas charitable corporation with 501(c)(3) status. Organized in 1970 by UT NROTC Alumni, the Midshipmans Foundation currently focuses on financial aid to battalion members by annually awarding significant scholarships to battalion members. The Midshipmans Foundation also awards several officer's swords each year to deserving unit members and assists the Battalion financially each year in sending a select number of Midshipmen and Officer Candidates to leadership seminars.


Since awarding six scholarships for $500 each in 1996, the amount of each scholarship awarded and the number of scholarships awarded has steadily grown. In 2010, the 70th anniversary of the Navy ROTC Unit at the University of Texas, the Midshipmans Foundation endowment fund reached and exceeded the $1 million level, a goal they had been working on for many years. This is not the finish line, though, by any means. College costs continue to climb. Private universities are able to provide free room and board to compete for NROTC scholarships that might otherwise come to UT. We must remain competitive as one of the premiere NROTC Units in the country. We want to keep attracting the best and the brightest for future officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Your generosity is making it possible for us to provide $1,000 and $2,000 scholarships now, twice per year and to over twice the number of recipients to which we first awarded scholarships. Take a look at the History Page to see how this program has grown and many thanks to those of you who have made it happen.


Officers and Directors of the Midshipmans Foundation are identified below. They all serve without compensation and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.



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Midshipmans Foundation Officers



All of these people are volunteers for this organization. Please do not contact them for any other reason other than to maintain contact with your Regional and Class representatives, maintain communications with your shipmates, submit stories to be incorporated into the unit/alumni history, or inquire about activities of the UT NROTC Alumni so as to be a well-informed alumnus. Participation by alumni, NROTC staff & faculty and others who have spent time in the UT NROTC Program is encouraged. Any other solicitations should be by mail and addressed to:


Midshipmans Foundation
Bob Gartner, Treasurer

6908 Bayridge Terrace

Austin, TX 78759


Donations to the Midshipmans Foundation are always welcomed even from those not connected to the NROTC Program at the University of Texas. Click on the link to make a tax-deductible contribution.



Max K. Miller '57

Vice Chairman

Gabriel R. Salazar '79 & PNS#24


Rod Koenig '62

Vice President

Charlie Simons '63
  1st Vice President Bob Collins '68
  Secretary Dan O'Neil '80
  Assistant Secretary David Wells '69
  Treasurer Robert L. Gartner '65
  Assistant Treasurer Dan O'Neil '80

  Board of Directors

Since 2013

Bob Collins '68
  Since 2004 Robert L. Gartner '65
  Since 2013 Rod Koenig '62
  Since 2014 Ed Mergele '75
  Since 2002 Max K. Miller '57

Since 2009

Dan O'Neil '80  

Since 2008

Gabriel R. Salazar '79 & PNS#24      
  Since 2012 Charlie Simons '63      
  Since 2012 David Wells '69      

Advisory Directors


Since 2014

Brady Cole '58      

Since 2002

Jefferson Howell '61      
  Since 2007 Don Inbody PNS#23      

Since 2011

Jack Ritter '55      

Emeritus Members


Chairman Emeritus

J. Weldon Koenig '58 Since 2002   Founder Emeritus

Chairman Emeritus

W. Robert Brown '52 Since 2002   Founder Emeritus
  Director Emeritus John Hitchcock  '65 Since 2002   Founder Emeritus






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