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Kevin H. Hugman '80


The Naval ROTC Alumni Foundation plays a vital role in nurturing the professional development of members of the battalion at UT's Naval ROTC Unit and fosters camaraderie for its Alumni. We will exercise leadership, guidance, and resources to promote our heritage values and interests in meeting tomorrow's challenges and opportunities.



The Naval ROTC Alumni Foundation shall cultivate Alumni fellowship, solicit their financial support for Alumni and Unit activities as determined by the Board of Directors, and encourage Alumni to participate in Foundation and Unit functions.


Guiding Principles

  ●  We shall instill in our Alumni a sense of pride and belonging. 

  ●  We view our Alumni and midshipmen as our highest priorities.

  ●  We shall inculcate our values through mentoring and leadership

  ●  We believe our people remain the best source for innovative ideas.


Brief History

The University of Texas NROTC Alumni Foundation is a Texas charitable corporation with 501(c)(19) status. It was originally organized in the early 1980s as an informal Alumni Association primarily concerned with hosting an annual Reunion and stirring up interest from the Alumni in forming a closer association with the NROTC Unit and its Battalion of midshipmen and officer candidates. By 2006 the organization had grown and so had its ties to the Battalion. Alumni wanted to create a more lasting organization that could help the Battalion with their activities that required group and team dynamics, such as the Buccaneer Drill Team and the Rifle and Pistol teams. This led us to reorganize into a charitable organization so that our supporting alumni could make tax-deductible contributions along these lines. This, in turn, led to the creation of an endowment in 2010, funded by life sponsorship donations, to help with this long-term vision of keeping the organization going long after the original organizers have departed the pattern. It is hoped that these endowment funds will never have to be touched and that earnings from it will continue to provide the seed money needed each year to plan for the Reunion and to financially assist the Battalion each semester with its team activities.



The Alumni Foundation Board of Directors meets roughly once per quarter in the offices of the NROTC Unit on the UT campus. See the "Alumni Calendar" page for dates. These meetings are open to all the alumni from the unit, present and past staff and faculty members, and supporters of the Alumni Foundation. Highlights from past meetings are typically outlined in our newsletters. If an agenda is available for the next meeting you can get a copy by clicking here. Representatives of the Alumni Foundation are identified below. All serve without compensation and will be pleased to answer any of your questions.



If you would like to support the activities of the Alumni Foundation with a donation, click here.

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Life Sponsors
W. Robert “Bob” Brown ’52
John F. “Jack” Ritter ’55
Max K. Miller ’57
William C. “Bill” Dvorak ’71
Edwin W. “Ed” Mergele ’75
James M. “Jim” Adkins ’55
James N. “Jim” Higdon ’67
Bruce B. Byron ’70
Rodney C. “Rod” Koenig ’62
J. Weldon Koenig ’58
Luis de la Garza ’66
Clinton J. Coneway ’66
R. Glenn Looney ’61
Robert R. Ries ’70
William N. “Bill” Steshko ’68
Sam R. Stanbery, Jr. ’64
*Carolyn Wildenthal
Ronald J. Skewis ’71
Richard B. Wellborn ’70
John Hitchcock ’66
D. C. Toedt ’74            
Fred Moon ’70

Alumni Foundation Officers


Class Representatives

Jim Bushee ’76


Kevin Hugman '80


1943-1945 Ivan C.Elmer '45 703-356-0824
John C. "Rusty" Allman ’66

Vice President

Dan Rueda '05


1946 Vacant  
William D. "Dave" Barron ’74

VP, Alumni Relations

Dick Wellborn '70


1947-1950 Vacant  
Chas. P. "Pat" Reynolds ’75 VP, Finance Vacant


1951 Al Hagedorn '51 512-488-2337
Ray Adams '80


Omar Rivera '04   1952 Bob Brown '52 713-529-9922
  Secretary David Wells '69   1953-1954 Vacant  

    1955 Jim Atkins '55 713-572-2919
*Widow of John Wildenthal ’44 Board of Directors   1955 Ski Kronkosky '55 512-345-2062
  Since 2012 Ray Adams '80   1956 Jim Richards '56 713-468-6412
  Since 2013 Chip Biesemeier '70   1957 Max Miller '57 512-345-0793
  Since 2015 George Blume '67   1958 Brady Cole '58  
  Since 2001 Bob Brown '52   1959 Robert Carnes '59 512-288-6064
  Since 2012 Jim Bushee '76   1960 Larry Knippa '60 713-621-3443
  Since 2009 Luis de la Garza '66   1961 John Hollyfield '61 713-977-9215
  Since 2011 Kevin Hugman '80   1962 Rod Koenig '62 713-667-9566
  Since 2004 Ed Mergele '75   1963 Roger Marien '63 281-373-3815
  Since 1999 Fred Moon '70   1964 Tom Mickelsen '64 209-632-2917
  Since 2014 Omar Rivera '04   1965 Rusty Allman '65 512-327-6009
  Since 2014 Dan Rueda '05   1966 John Engstrom '66 979-561-8811
  Since 2012 Dick Wellborn '70   1966 Luis de la Garza '66 210-490-0582
  Since 2001 David Wells '69   1967 Bob Hancock '67 858-586-0036
        1968 Bob Collins '68 512-518-3536
        1969 David Wells '69 817-579-5769


Fred Moon '70 817-275-1224

Regional Directors



Walter Jenkins '71 281-360-3334
  Austin Dan Rueda '05 512-689-6607


Mark Thoman '72 910-577-5446

Dallas-Fort Worth

Ray Adams '80


1973 Spencer Smith '73 254-698-4719


Rod Koenig '62


1974-1975 Ed Mergele '75 210-320-1374

San Antonio

Ed Mergele '75



Susie McCalla '77 830-995-4202


K. J. Moore '64



Gabe Salazar '79 512-350-2098
  Central Rudy Krueger '63 402-331-6557


Dan O'Neil '79 512-266-0112
  Mountain Henry Harper '65 208-522-7776




Bob Hancock '67



Gunnar Frey '88 512-261-6460






    1994 Launtz Rodgers '94 512-545-2920



All of these people are volunteers for this organization. Please do not contact them for any other reason other than to maintain contact with your Regional and Class representatives, maintain communications with your shipmates, submit stories to be incorporated into the unit/alumni history, or inquire about activities of the UT NROTC Alumni so as to be a well-informed alumnus. Participation by alumni, NROTC staff & faculty and others who have spent time in the UT NROTC Program is encouraged. Any other solicitations should be by mail and addressed to:


NROTC Alumni Foundation at the University of Texas at Austin

P.O. Box 143562

Austin, TX 78714-3562


Donations to the Alumni Foundation are always welcomed even from those not connected to the NROTC Program at the University of Texas. Click on the link to make a tax-deductible contribution.


  1996 Jeff Chiang '96 619-274-5631
  1997-2000 Vacant  
  2001 Dawn Allen '01 No Phone No.
  2002-2003 Vacant  
  2004 Omar Rivera '04 512-905-1106
  2005 Dan Rueda '05 512-689-6607
  2006-2008 Vacant  
  2009 Drew Anderson '09 817-239-8094
  2010-2017 Vacant  

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