Oscar G. "Glenn" Pate, Class of 1944

(11/6/1922 – 2/13/2005)


Return to Flanders Fields



Oscar G. “Glenn” Pate, 82, passed away on Sunday afternoon, February 13, 2005 in Houston, TX. He was born on November 6, 1922 in Hemphill, TX (Sabine County), to Oscar Perry Pate and Vera (Bennet) Pate. As a young man he was an Eagle Scout and graduated from Hemphill High School.

Glenn came to UT Austin in the fall of 1941. Pearl Harbor was attacked just at the end of his first semester there. While at UT Glenn was a member of the Cowboys, the Friars and the Naval ROTC. With little warning the Navy commissioned him and his class of 53 “surprised” juniors on February 28, 1944, with 47 seniors, in the largest commissioning ceremony the unit has ever had. Nearly all of the juniors, and even a few seniors, were not ready to graduate. They, including Glenn, would have to come back after the war to finish their studies.

Glenn reported to a destroyer escort right after commissioning and saw action in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, including Bizerte, North Africa; Philippines; and Tokyo, Japan. Later he saw service at Kwajalein for Operation Crossroads (Bikini Atomic Bomb Tests). The most notable of his experiences in the Navy was a 13,000 mile tow of a kamikaze-damaged old four-piper destroyer from Lingayen Gulf near the Philippines to Terminal Island, CA. Glenn and a few of his shipmates rode in the damaged destroyer being towed.

After the war Glenn returned to UT Austin and obtained his Petroleum Engineering degree in the fall of 1946 and embarked on a career in the “Oil Patch.” He worked for Schlumberger. He was married to Margarite Louise (Hail) Pate for 56 years and from her obituary we learn she provided a wonderful home for Glenn as he enjoyed his career in the oil field from Louisiana, to Corpus Christi, TX, to Houston, TX, to Denver CO and back to Houston. It was while on one of his many travels, in Eunice, LA, he met Margarite. They were married on the September 14, 1948.  The couple had five children. Glenn held various sales and management positions in the drilling and drilling fluids business. His career travels also took him to Alaska, Europe, Africa and Russia. 

In his retirement, Glenn enjoyed traveling with his wife and fishing with his grandchildren at his cabin on Toledo Bend. Glenn was survived by his wife, Margarite, their five children: Perry G. Pate, MD, Judge Robert C. Pate (Linda), Barbara L. Haurberg (Scott), Bradford B. Pate, PhD, and Alan L. Pate (Lap); and ten grandchildren; Perry, Paul and Eleanor Pate of Dallas; Robert, Linda, RC, Gardner and Oscar Pate of Corpus Christi; Barbara, Scott, Soren and Nathalie Haurberg of Walnut, IL;  Bradford, Monica and Marina Pate of Pullman, WA; and Alan, Lap and Drake Pate of Houston.

A Memorial Service was held on February 16th at the Memorial Oaks Funeral Home and Cemetery in Houston. Glenn is buried in Memorial Oaks Cemetery. This “enhanced” obituary was assembled from an obituary provided by Glenn’s family and other information from various sources, including the Cactus and Texas Tradition yearbooks



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