Alumni Calendar


January 2018



February 2018

9 - Midshipmans Foundation Board Meeting, 10am - 3pm, La Grange, TX

10 - Alumni Foundation Board Meeting, 10am - 1pm, UT - CLA 5th Deck, McRaven Rm


March 2018


April 2018



May 2018


June 2018


July 2018

4 - United States' 242nd Birthday

August 2018


September 2018

11 - Unit's 78th Birthday

October 2018

13 - Friday - Navy's 243rd Birthday


November 2018

3 - 32nd Annual Alumni Reunion Weekend. See Reunion Info page.
10 - Friday - Marine Corps' 243rd Birthday
11 - Veterans Day

December 2018


NOTE: If you would like to see the Unit/Battalion's more detailed calendar of events, click here and make a desktop shortcut for yourself so you can return there periodically. We try to pick out the ones that would generally be of most interest to our alumni and post them here on our alumni calendar.

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