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The Briscoe Center for American History, Military History Institute's Oral Histories Project (Dr. Tom Hatfield)
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History of the Alumni Association and Alumni Foundation
History of the Midshipmans Foundation
History of the University of Texas NROTC Program

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Those Killed in Action (KIA) Associated with UT NROTC
Alumni Association/Foundation Presidents
Professors of Naval Science (PNS) at UT
Associate Professors of Naval Science (XO) at UT
Marine Officer Instructors (MOI) at UT
Flag Officers Associated with UT Officer Commissioning Programs
Battalion Commanders of the UT NROTC Unit
Alumni of the Year Awardees
Distinquished Alumni & Distinquished Service Awardees
Midshipmans Foundation Scholarship & Sword Awardees
Presidents of the Crow's Nest
Athletic Accomplishments of the NROTC 1960-1970 Team of the Decade

Texas Tradition 1944 (1st Yearbook Created & Published by Our Midshipmen - Courtesy of Bill Barnhouse '44)
Excerpts from Cactus yearbook (1941 - 1990)
Longhorn Log yearbooks (1963 - 2005)
Texas Tradition 2008 (Recollections & Reflections from 83 WWII Vets - Edited and Published by Marge Flados)
Spun Yard Newsletters
(1941 - 1942, Courtesy of Bill Barnhouse '44)
The Naval Orange Newletters (1979 - 1998, Many collected by John Hitchcock '65)
Spurs and Anchor Newsletters (2011 - Date)

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Old and Interesting Documents
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