Naval ROTC Intramurals 1960 - 1970

Historical Note

1958 – 59  Class A Football champions

Roger Henderson, Richard Looney, J.W. Pieper, Andrew Bachofen, Robert Carnes, Mack Harris, Granville Paules, Bobby Lain, Dan Phillips, Leslie Sanders


1959 – 60 Class A Football runners-up

Glenn Looney, A. Bachofen, Bailey L. Guess, Eddie Newcombe, R. Henderson, J. W. Pieper, G. Paules, Grant Bigelow, Leslie Sanders.


Paules and Pieper – 1st team all-intramural football

Guess - 2nd team


Runner-up in point standings to Oak Grove (Glenn Looney, mgr.)


Winner of the Cowboy Sportsmanship Trophy (organization award)


1960 – 61

1st all-year points (Glenn Looney, Mgr.)

3rd Class A football

            Guess – 1st team

            Grant Bigelow – 2nd team

Class A Club champion basketball (4th in All-U)

J.M. Beidel – 3rd   Class A tennis

Beidel and Andrew Anderson – Club champs A tennis doubles

J. Michael Beidell – Best Athlete (Club)

Standings in Best Athlete Award:

            J. Michael Beidell – 1st         

            Harold Lutz – 2nd

            Grant Bigelow – 3rd

                        Glenn Looney – 6th

                        Anthony Karsokas – tie 9th/10th

All Intramural recognition: 

            John Mason – 1st team basketball

            Tom Broad – 2nd team basketball


1961 – 62

1st all-year points (Rodney Koenig , Mgr.)

Louis E. Spradlin – Sr. Mgr.

3rd – Class A basketball

Roy Wasilkowski – champion 177 lb. wrestling

1st – all-year points (Harold Lutz, Mgr.)

John Mason – 1st team basketball

Best All-Around Athlete standings:

            Tom Broad – 2

            Harold Lutz – 3

            Kristinn Hansen – 4

            Charles Follet – 6

            John Mason – 7

            Louis Spradlin - 9


1962  –  63

1st All-Yr. Points (L.E. Spradlin, Mgr.)

Thomas Mickelson – Sr. Mgr.

Runners-up Class A basketball

            Charles Key – 1st team

            Harold Lutz – 2ND team

Runners-up Water BB

            Tom Bond – 1st team

Beidel – 3rd A tennis singles

Beidel and Harvard Ayers – runners-up A tennis doubles

J. Michael Beidel – Best All-Around Athlete (Club)

            Charles Key - 2

            Thomas Broad – 3

            Harold Lutz – 4

            Scott Follett – 6

            L.E. Spradlin – 9

            John Mason – 10

Beidel – Arno Notwotny Sportsmanship Award

Spradlin – Berry Whitaker Leadership Award

John Mason – 2nd team softball all-IM


1963 – 64

1st All-Year points (John Mason, Mgr.)

Robert Kniseley – Sr. Mgr.

3rd Class A Basketball

Runners-up WBB

            Warren Lipscomb – offense all IM

            Donald Tortorice – defense all IM

3rd Table tennis singles – Michael Johnson

All-Intramural recognition:

            1st team BB – Charles Key

            1st team SB – John Mason

Best Athlete standings:

            Scott Follett – 2nd

            Charles Key – 4th

            Robert Hatton – 7th

            John Mason – 10th


1964 – 65

1st All-Yr. Points (Duane Starr)

Club Champion – swimming

3rd track

3rd Class A – Team Bowling

Runner-up WBB

            Scott Follett- all IM defense

Runners-Up Class B tennis doubles – A.M Stewart / M.K. Sutherlin


1965 – 66

1st All Yr. points (Roger Warton, Mgr.)

Club Champ – track

Runners-up – WBB

            James McCoy – offense/defense

James Kuch – 130 lb. wrestling champ

Phillip White – 123 lb. wrestling runner-up


1966 – 67

2nd All-Yr. points (John Justice, Mgr.)

Best Athlete standings:

            Jerome Banks – 2nd

            Robert Collins – 6th

            Park Beeler – 9th

Outstanding Official’s Award – John Justice

Runners-up – WBB

            Park Beeler – offense

            James McCoy – offense/defense

B tennis singles runners-up – P. L. Reed

A tennis doubles – 3rd – Doug Fisher / John Kaplan


1967 – 68

1st – All Yr. points (James McCoy, Mgr.)

Doug Fisher – Best All Around Athlete (Club)

            Geoffery Roemer – 3rd

            Jonathan  Kaplan – 5th

            Robert Collins – 7th

Class B softball runners-up

Swimming Club champion

Track 3rd

WBB runners-up

            James McCoy – 1st team offense

            Michael McClean – 2nd team offense

Class B tennis singles runners-up – Doug Fisher

Class A tennis doubles club champs – Fisher / Kaplan



1968 – 69

1st All-Year points (James Broaddus, Mgr.)

Runner-up Class B football

Runner-up Class B volleyball

3rd swimming

Club champion track

Water Basketball Champion (Defeated Delts  - Fred Moon, Henri Stewart, James Frisbie, Thomas Colbeck, David Schaller,           David Bleckley, James McCoy, John Baldwi All-Intramural: James McCoy – offense / Henri Stewart – defense


1969 – 70

1st All-Year Points (Robert  Frnka)

Doug Fisher – Best Athlete (Club)

3rd Class B basketball

Runner-up Class B volleyball

Club champion – swimming

Runner-up water basketball

            James Frisbie -  1st team defense

            Robert Freeman – 2nd team defense

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