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The Longhorn Log was a year-end publication by a cadre of dedicated battalion members who wanted to document the academic year for other members and for posterity, much like a Cruise Book.  Each year below represents an academic year (i.e. 1975 = Fall 1974 + Spring 1975). All issues can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat reader if you have it installed.  If not,  visit the Adobe site for a free copy.  Double click on the Longhorn Log you wish to download. Those dates in parentheses are needed to fill in the gaps. Those that are not linked to a pdf file are being processed. Alumni who either sent in a scanned image or lent us a Longhorn Log issue to be scanned are acknowledged by the year they contributed.

2005 Unit Library
2004 Unit Library

1999 Nicholas French '01
1992 Unit Library
1991 Unit Library (Contains some info on year 1989-90)
(1990 - Not Published)
1989 Unit Library
1988 Unit Library
1987 Unit Library
1986 Unit Library
1985 Unit Library
1984 Unit Library
Rick Martin '79
1982 Rick Martin '79
Ray Adams '80
(1980 - Not Published)
(1979 - Not Published)
(1978 - Not Published)
(1977 - Not Published)
(1976 - Not Published)
Ed Mergele '75

1974 Ed Mergele '75

1973 Ed Mergele '75

1972 Ed Mergele '75

1971 Ed Mergele '75

1970 Doug Fisher '70
Chuck Mulroy '69
1968 Doug Fisher '70
1967 Doug Fisher '70
1966 Steve Quinn '67

1965 John Hitchcock '65

1964 John Hitchcock '65

1963 John Hitchcock '65

Thanks to all the above alumni for contributions to the current collection. We are hopeful that others will contribute so the collection can grow. If you have hard copies of the Longhorn Log and want to contribute to the collection, have them scanned in Adobe pdf format and send them as an attachment to your email to the webmaster. Also reducing the file size to less than 5MB will make sending it and posting it to the website much easier. Even if you just have hardcopies and want to contribute, drop the webmaster an email and he will help work out the details.









The content of the newsletter is in .PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

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