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1,428 Hits in 2017
1/1/2018: Althought not nearly as high as the hits in 2015 (2,315) it still shows we have visitors out there so that must mean the effort is still worthwhile. Thanks to all of you who do visit and we hope you are finding it helpful for us to preserve just what the UT NROTC has done during its many years, in shaping young lives and providing the country with future guardians of our freedom.

Chancellor McRaven Stepping Down

12/15/2017: Due to recent health and other concerns, Bill McRaven '77 is stepping down as the UT System Chancellor. He is feeling much better, thanks to UT physicians, but this episode has made him and his wife, Georgeann, think seriously about their future. There is still much he would like to do, including writing and teaching. To that end Bill will be staying here in Austin and transitioning to a member of the UT faculty. He thinks this is the right time and the right place for this change. To give the Board of Regents ample time to recruit a new Chancellor, Bill has told the Board of Regents that he will stay onboard until the end of the spring semester. He extended his thanks to all those who supported him and the merriest of times to everyone enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

Next Reunion Date Set for November 3, 2018
11/27/2017: The UT 2018 Football Schedule has been set. November 3, 2018 is a home game with West Virginia and it's when UT will be celebrating Veterans Day. It will be our 32nd Annual Alumni Reunion. Stay tuned for plans as they evolve and pencil it in on your calendar. Click on Reunion Information in the main menu for the latest.

It's Here! - After a 12-year Hiatus - The 2017 Longhorn Log!


9/1/2017: The Battalion has put together a beautiful 65-page yearbook (cruisebook, if you like) to highlight the 2017 academic school year. 2005 was the last year one was published. Our History Page gives you access to scanned images of all of them. To go directly to this newest volume click here.

$74,500 in Scholarships and Swords to be Awarded in 2017!


6/10/17: On February 10, 2017 your Midshipmans Foundation approved an increase in the value of Scholarships to be awarded in 2017. This year that amount will be $74,500, including sword awards. Some will be awarded in the Spring but most will be awarded in the Fall on our Annual Reunion Weekend. This change is primarily due to two reasons: sound financial management of the endowment fund by your Midshipmans Foundation’s finance committee and the generous financial support provided by our alumni each year. Both are critical to our ability to support Battalion members in their quest for a degree and a commission, and in the ability of the UT NROTC Unit’s ability to attract the best and the brightest in competition with other universities around the country. Your dedication to “giving back” is primarily responsible for the progress we’ve made so far and we’re certain that it will continue to grow well into a bright future for our young men and women at the University of Texas who go on to serve our country in the Navy and Marine Corps. Thank you so very much.

Spring Issue of The Spur & Anchor Newsletter Available
5/23/2017: The newest issue of The Spur & Anchor newsletter came out today. In it you can find out what the Battalion was up to all during the spring semester. You go through the History Page or click here. Enjoy!

Unit History Project - First Two Volumes Available!
4/3/2017: We released Volume 1 at the 2015 Reunion and Volume 2 at the 2016 Reunion. We hope to have Volume 3 ready by the 2017 Reunion. Each volume covers 20 years of history of the UT NROTC Unit. Many alumni participated and contributed to the work. Each year we have made these available on thumb drives in pdf format for a small donation to the Alumni Foundation. A more limited number were available in hard copy. We want alumni to read it and tell us what you think. There is always room for updates. Please look through your attic and see if there is anything you can contribute. Many of the references used for this project were scanned and are available on our history page. If you want to download either of the first two volumes or the current appendix, you will have to go to the Forms Page from the menu on the left, and enter an easy user name and password. We hope that you will also take the opportunity to update your contact information, when you do this. Write to the webmaster with your comments, suggestions and input. Thanks for your interest and participation. P.S. New PNS Bios have been posted for those years between 1980 and 2000. We need some help on CAPT Ernst. These volumes are also available on the author's website with a more detailed description of each volume. If you do go to this site, click on the UT NROTC link on the home page to see the volumes. Even with a free download of each volume we hope alumni and friends will want to consider a donation to the Alumni Foundation or the Midshipmans Foundation.

Last Member of First Commissioning Class Passes Away
3/3/2017: We just received news today that Hugh G. "Grant" Stoddard passed away on February 26th. He was one of thirteen Midshipmen who was commissioned in June 1943 as part of the first commissioning class from our NROTC Unit. He was also one of the original 110 Plank Owners of the Unit. See his obituary here.

Fall Issue of The Spur & Anchor Newsletter Available
1/23/2017: The newest issue of The Spur & Anchor newsletter came out on Friday last week. In it you can find out what the Battalion was up to all during the fall semester. You can get to it through the History Page or by clicking here. Enjoy!

"Friends of the Midshipmen" Campaign Started
12/3/2016: Battalion members have been doing fund-raising for years in order to pay for many of their unit activities for which there are no Navy or University funds. One of the major activities was cleaning up the Memorial Stadium after every game. Now that has been privatized and is no longer available to the Midshipmen. These activities are time-consuming and take away from valuable academic and professional study time. When the Alumni Foundation heard about this, it decided it was time for alumni action. Through the leadership of our Gifts Chairman, Luis de la Garza '66, an annual campaign has been initiated to help the Battalion realize more of their potential. Your help is needed. Click here for details.

Stories of the Buccaneers and the Crow's Nest




01/04/2016: As part of the work being done on our unit history, the first two volumes (1940-1960 & 1960-1980) of which were made available at the reunion last year, separate stories about the Buccaneers and the Crow's Nest are being developed. If you have names, dates, stories and/or photos you would like to share to add to these stories, contact the webmaster.

UT NROTC Unit History Project
5/22/2015: Many of you have been contacted already about the Unit History Project that is underway. The Navy kept little or no records of the unit over the years and, if they did, they are probably stored in that warehouse you saw at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. So it's up to us to reconstruct the records and preserve them for future generations as a legacy. If you saved a unit newsletter, a commissioning program, photographs, diary entries with dates and events, yearbooks, all of these can be extremely useful for this project. Please write the webmaster and tell us what you can do to help. We've put a lot of this information online already, if you care to peruse this website. See if you can fill in some of the blanks for us. We now have a fairly good narrative of the unit's first 40 years which was made available, in two volumes, one at each of our last two fall reunions. Work is constantly continuing to document unit history for the successive years as well. The Spur & Anchor newsletter continues to be a great help in this regard since it started in 2011. Dig through your files and old keepsakes and see if you can't find an old Spun Yarn or Naval Orange newsletter. How about photos of the Bucs, the old ROTC Building or the Crow's Nest?

Stay in the Know - Add your email address to our Email Blast List


6/12/2014: There are times when we need to get the word out in a hurry. A newsletter is usually too slow. Alumni don't always check our website (i.e. on a daily basis), our LinkedIn group doesn't include everyone (yet), so something else was needed. Click on the email button above. That will take you to the site where you just have to fill in four items (email address, first name, last name and year group). You will not get spammed. We'll try to keep all email blasts short and pithy.

Nominations for Distinguished Alumnus or Distinguished Service
2/25/2014: Forms for nominating persons for the Distinguished Alumni or Distinguished Service (DADS) awards have been posted on the Forms Page. This is an important program that recognizes distinguished alumni for their contributions and accomplishments. It also allows us to recognize distinguished service from an alumni or anyone who has been associated with or contributed to our organization. And "contributions" doesn't mean just monetary donations. The giving of ones time and talent is most important, too. These awards encourage others to "follow suit", "join the party" and "get on the band wagon". Surely you know someone who is worthy of recognition for what they have done for the Battalion, the unit and the alumni organization. Download either the MS Word version if you want to use a wordprocessor or the Adobe PDF version if you want to print it out and fill one in by hand. Not all of us can bear a hand in helping the cause. Those who do, do so voluntarily for the love of their alma mater, the pride of their Naval ROTC unit and the cameraderie among shipmates. Be an encourager and nominate someone for one or both of these awards. You do not have to be an alumnus to make a nomination.

Donating to our Foundations - Think about putting a bequest in your Will
2/17/2014: Most all of our donations to the Midshipmans Foundation or Alumni Foundation come as annual gifts from our generous alumni and friends. To date neither organization has ever received a bequest from an estate and there have been less than a handful of obituaries that recommended to their readers to donate to one or both of our organizations in memory of the deceased alumnus. As part or your estate planning we would like you to remember us. We have a few attorneys in our ranks and some do estate planning. Some have expressed an interest in writing articles for our website to help others through the process. Please write the webmaster and tell us what we can do to help. Don't leave your family with a mess to clean up. Plan ahead. Have a Will drawn up by your attorney that takes care of things the way you want them to be taken care of after you're gone.

Fallen Comrades
These are Alumni whose passing has occurred since our last Reunion.

These are Alumni whose passing we have first discovered since our last Reunion.
Kenneth George Haynes, Class of 1947, passed away March 11, 2016. Obit to follow.
Douglas W. "Worth" Duderstadt, Class of 1957, passed away January 2, 2016. Obit to follow.

The following were previously reported deceased. We've just obtained or updated their info/obit.
Frederic Porter McCown, Class of 1951, passed away June 22, 2007. Need Obit. See Info.

Information about deceased alumni.
New input form created to report a death. Go to Forms Page.
Flanders Fields has about 150 alumni reported as having passed away but with little or no information to post except a general area where they lived and maybe a year. Review the list. If you can provide this needed information, send it to the webmaster. I'm sure your shipmates would appreciate knowing.

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