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LinkedIn is a service offerred on the Internet for professional networking. It is not a social network like Facebook or a place to spout off to the world and others in short messages like Twitter. Although all these services have some capabilities in common the UT NROTC Alumni Foundation chose start with LinkedIn because of the professional nature of its users. There are many services that LinkedIn offers for free to its users and there are other services for which the user must pay a fee. Most of what our organization uses LinkedIn for is in the free category. You can go to their website and sign up for free if you haven't done so already. Once you do that you can start searching for others who are also signed up and start networking with them. You can also look for special-interest groups, that you might have something in common with, and join them, too. You can even start your own group. Think of the possibilities...Crow's Nesters Unite!...Buccaneers Unite!

To get things started, we have created a special group on LinkedIn, called "University of Texas NROTC Alumni". Once you have created an account on LinkedIn, you can join our group. In order to join our group you must first email the group manager here. He's our gate keeper and works to make sure we only have members in the group who are alumni, staff or friends. Once you are in the group you can start a discussion about any topic that you think is of interest to the group. All the group members will be notified by email that a discussion topic has been posted on LinkedIn. From that point on you can get just as involved as you choose to be. Even ignore it if you want. We can only imagine what a rousing discussion would have erupted over the tearing down of Russell A. Steindam Hall (ROTC Building) if we had had LinkedIn fully implimented back in 2010. That is one of the prime reasons for getting everyone signed up on LinkedIn and enrolled in our group, to keep everyone informed in a timely manner.

As of June 12, 2014 we have 122 members in the group. We have many more who are signed up on LinkedIn but who have not joined our group yet. We strongly encourage you to do so. If you know someone who belongs in this group, invite them or drop an email to the webmaster and he will invite them. For some of you who use a "handle" instead of your complete name, be advised that other group members, who are only using free LinkedIn services, cannot easily tell who you are (even if you include a photo). Be considerate to others in the group and let's stay in touch.






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