32nd Annual Alumni Reunion (November 3, 2018)

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Reunion planning, at this point, is planned around the weekend of November 3rd, a home game weekend with West Virginia. Since UT is playing out of town on Veteran's Day, they will be celebrating it on November 3rd. Kick-off is TBA so Saturday's schedule is not presently set. Stay tuned to this website for further developments.

Summary of Changes: Most significant changes below will be highlighted in red.


General Information

Hotel Accommodations. Rooms will be available for Reunion attendees at the Embassy Suites Hotel - Austin, Arboretum, 9505 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, 512-372-8771.


Thursday, 1 November
Navy League Dinner and Program. The Greater Austin Council will kick off the 2018 reunion weekend with a dinner and distinguished speaker program on Thursday, 1 November 2017. This is the Council's signature event each year as it honors The University of Texas NROTC midshipmen, officer candidates, staff, and alumni.


The meeting will be held at the Austin Woman’s Club (1st Floor) located at the corner of San Antonio and 8th Street. Access to the entrance and parking area is from the rear on Nueces Street between 7th & 8th Streets. Parking is free - ignore the signs. Social hour begins at 1815; Dinner is at 1910; Program begins at 2015; Adjourn at 2115. All Navy League meetings are open to the public. Your family and friends are all welcome. Reservations are required by Monday, prior to the event (may pay at the door $30 per person for members and their guests, $20 per person for military in uniform and their guests, $15 for midshipmen, cadets and their guests). For more information and to make your reservations, email Lu Ann Reyes at luann@luannreyes.com or call her at 512-203-4399. The pricing is only tentative for 2017.


Friday, 2 November
Golf Outing
. For those of you interested in a reunion Golf outing we will be gathering at Star Ranch on Friday November 2nd in the morning. We usually book 4-5 foursomes for a 0800 start. We can get more, if there is more interest. Please indicate your desire to participate when you register. As in previous encounters we will face off Navy versus Marine Corps in a “best ball” format. The Star Ranch offers both a Breakfast Buffet and a Lunch Buffet as part of the greens fee. Star Ranch is located at 2500 FM 685 in Hutto, Texas (NE Austin just north of the toll road 45 East). The cost of greens fee/cart/range balls/and two buffets is around $45. Each player will pay when they arrive. Notify Chip Biesemeier ’70 if you are interested in playing. Home Phone:  512-252-1892 or email chipmary7@yahoo.com.


Directions to Star Ranch from Embassy Suites Hotel (9505 Stonelake, Austin):

Take MoPac (Tx-1 Loop North), Merge onto Tx Toll 45 East.

Merge onto Texas Toll 130 North (to Waco)                                                                                                          

Take Exit 426 (Hutto/685 North) (DO NOT TURN on Gattis School Road).

Take 685/130 access road 1 mile, stay in left lane and U-turn at Flashing Red Light.

Go approx. 0.6 miles South on FM 685 and Star Ranch will be on your right.


Crow's Nest Summit Meeting. Tentatively scheduled at the Embassy Suites hotel. This group usually meets at the headquarters hotel at 3pm on Friday afternoon, in a reserved room, to discuss scholarship plans, unit room and board issues, and to just remember old times.

UT NROTC Alumni Awards Dinner. The Midshipmans Foundation and the Alumni Foundation will present Distinguished Alumnus and Distinguished Service awards at this event. It will be held at the Austin Country Club (ACC). Cocktails will start at 1830, followed by dinner at 1900. The tentative cost is $55, but is subject to change. Dress will be “business casual” (i.e. sport coat or dress shirt/slacks). Directions:  Go one mile south of the Loop 360 bridge over Lake Austin and take Westlake Drive east. Go about 200 meters and turn left onto Long Champ Drive and go to 4408 at the end. Call 512-328-0090 if you get lost.

Informal Class Gatherings. Typical "watering holes" for class get-togethers are Scholz Garten (1607 San Jacinto, 512-474-1958), the Flying Saucer Emporium, 815 W. 47th Street or the NXNW Restaurant and Brewery, just down the street from the hotel. Be advised. Scholz Garten is under new ownership and has gotten a bit pricey lately.

Saturday, 3 November
Saturday is the Main Event day, the day the alumni give out thousands in scholarships to our most deserving midshipmen and officer candidates of the Battalion. It's also game day and time for some BBQ and camaraderie. CLA is the Liberal Arts Building. The Student Activity Center (SAC) is next to CLA. At this time the Main Event is planned for the Student Activity Center Auditorium, Room 1.402 and the BBQ for the 1st floor patio of the CLA and the adjoining Glickman conference room.


Parking on Campus Saturday. The Alumni Foundation decided a few years ago to get out of the parking business. It has become too complicated and there are numerous opportunities for parking all around the campus. The University's own parking garages are probably the most convenient.


Tours of ROTC/COLA Building. Saturday NROTC spaces in the James Mulva ('68) ROTC Center will be open for you to visit and ask questions. No tours are planned but if a large enough group would like to be "shown around" that can be arranged.


Alumni Foundation Board Meeting. The UT NROTC Alumni Foundation board will hold their quarterly meeting Saturday morning before the General Business Meeting. The location will be in the CLA, 5th deck, McRaven classroom. All are welcome, space permitting.


General Business Meeting & Scholarship Awards. The “Main Event” will be held on Saturday after the Board Meeting. The location will be open for setup and early arrivals. The morning general business meeting and scholarship awards ceremony is the main reunion event and it will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn all about the latest unit activities, plans, and achievements. You will also see the award of multiple scholarships and officer swords to Midshipmen and Officer Candidates of the Battalion by your Midshipmans Foundation. It is a great opportunity to meet with Midshipmen, staff, and alumni. For many years now we have also had a special visitor or two drop by and say a few words to the gathering. Tickets that have been ordered for the football game will also be distributed at the meeting.


BBQ Dinner. Plans are to use the 1st floor patio area of the CLA and the adjoining Glickman conference room for our BBQ. NROTC spaces are on the 5th floor of the CLA. The BBQ will be before or after the game and those not going to the game are free to view the game on the big screen TVs in the CLA or just stick around and visit. The NROTC spaces on the 5th deck of the CLA have a terrific view of the Tower, Memorial Stadium, the East Mall, the Alumni Center and beautiful Waller Creek. The BBQ price per person (plate) will be $30, including beverage. NOTE: Pok 'E' Joe's will only serve for the first 1-1/2 hours of this event. Beverages are available until they are all consumed.


Football Game. We usually reserve about 60 tickets at a discounted price. The ticket price this year is about $50. First come. First served.


Get-Together. No plans yet, but many of our alumni have gathered at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium at 815 W. 47th Street (“In the Triangle”, N. Lamar & 47th Street) or the NXNW Restaurant and Brewery, just a few blocks from the hotel, to celebrate with classmates over a few beers in the evening, after the game or the BBQ. Drinks and food are at your expense. Come make the evening last a little longer with family and friends.


Sunday, 4 November
With the advent of a headquarters hotel that serves a hot breakfast (included in the cost of the room), the tradition of meeting at Cisco's has virtually disappeared, but we don't want to discourage those who want to keep it up. Cisco's (1511 East 6th Street) has been a favorite for many over the years for a "migas" breakfast. For those who do go there it's best to gather around 8am.


Two Ways to Register (Tentative right now)
As we have for years now, you can use the registration form found in your 2017 Reunion Newsletter or you can click here to download that form. Fill in the form completely, enclose a check for payment and mail to the address shown on the registration form. You can include a donation for the Alumni Foundation in the same check as the one used to pay for events. If you want to make a contribution to the Midshipmans Foundation, use the separate form, provided in the 2017 Reunion Newsletter for that purpose, and mail it to the different address shown on the form. You can also download that form here.


Online Registration. We are taking registrations for the Reunion online again this year. We are using a service called Brown Paper Tickets (BPT). You can now sign up for events and pay with your credit card or through Pay-Pal and its options.You will have 5 events and a donation to choose from. We have also included some voluntary questions for which we would appreciate your answers. Events are broken down into three primary types:


1. Events we only need a head count for. These are free events and no one pays any fees for signing up. None of these this year.


2. Events we do not collect money for through our registration process (e.g. Navy League Dinner and Golf Outing). We still need a head count for these events and that is all we are capturing (i.e. no charge). BPT lists these as “Free” but the remarks section tells the buyer who he needs to call or email to make reservations and how to pay once that is done.


3. The last category of event is one we do collect payment for through BPT and that is further broken down into two subcategories:


a. Pay events (e.g. ACC Awards Dinner, BBQ and Football Tickets) and a donation to the UT NROTC Alumni Foundation. BPT forces the buyer to use Pay-Pal to make payment if a donation is involved. BPT charges their standard fees to the buyer on event “tickets” but no fee on any donation made. The Alumni Foundation, though, pays Pay-Pal a fee for you using them to make a donation, just as if you had done it on our website.


b. Pay events only and no donation to the UT NROTC Alumni Foundation. BPT gives the buyer a choice of using their credit card service or using Pay-Pal. BPT charges their standard fees to the buyer on event “tickets” but there is no additional fee for using BPT’s credit card service.


BPT’s Standard Fees for Paid Events: 3.5% plus $0.99 for each “ticket” sold is charged to the ticket buyer (you). The Alumni Foundation collects the face value of the “ticket”.


Pay-Pal’s Standard Fees for Donations: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction is subtracted from the donated amount made by the Donor. The Alumni Foundation keeps the remaining amount.


NOTE: You cannot make donations to the Midshipmans Foundation on the BPT 2017 Reunion Registration site. BPT would only allow one non-profit donation to be mingled with paid events and we have historically encouraged donations to the Alumni Foundation to be included in your check for your reunion paid events because the Alumni Foundation is the sponsor and host for the Annual Alumni Reunion. You can still go to our website and use the Pay-Pal donate button to make an online contribution to the Midshipmans Foundation or download a donation form and send it in with your check.


If you would like to try the new online registration process click on the BPT button below.




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